Why Doesn’t the Media focus on the UK’s knife crimes as a talking point

A 16-year-old boy from Nottingham was stabbed in the chest and later succumbed to his injuries. His
death did not make it to any network’s news save for a knife reports summary on News 24. What could have caused the media to ignore the heinous attack? Was it because the boy was white and did not fit the normal image of knife crime? When black people are attacked, the media treats the case as a race attack giving
lots of coverage and attention to the case but when a white person gets attacked they do the opposite. Police reports in England show that race attacks are equal between whites and blacks while the coverage is heavy towards blacks.

Most News networks in the UK treat news items outside London as minor regional news while those that transpire in London as national news. Just because the networks are based in London does not mean that the rest of the people living in the countryside or other cities like Glasgow and Leicester think more about London than other places in the United Kingdom. The media should adopt a more nationalized approach to their news coverage of knife crimes outside London in order to be fair in their coverage. National news should focus on the whole country and not only London.

News items are sometimes based on the day to day activities of the journalists. Since most journalists live in London they think that matters that are of interest to themselves interest the rest of the United
Kingdom which is wrong. For instance, a knife crime in London will likely get on the News since it would occur on streets and blocks that the journalists are familiar with and hence prompt them to cover the items. An example of this is when the local News covers the use of trains in London even though it’s irrelevant to the rest of the country whose majority use private transport.

Sometimes the law restricts the media from covering some murders. For instance, in the murder of Kris Donald, the court put severe restrictions on media coverage before the verdict was given. This definitely
affects the amount of coverage such crimes receive. The same news stations covered the murders well after the court restrictions were lifted. They even provided statistics and evaluated all the racist attacks.

The editors often have the last word on what stories that get to make the news and those that don’t. Their decisions are normally very difficult but should be impartial. Should they approve wrong topics for News,
it may create racial tensions especially if attacks on minorities go unreported. This maybe explains why attacks on black men have more coverage than similar attacks on whites or Asians. It sorts of creates a balance and calms disquiet in public opinions. If the editors were to approve every knife crime then this would maybe result in an imbalance in reporting. To understand this one should maybe ask themselves if a particular crime happened to a person at a given place, would it make the News? Such are the decisions that editors have to make daily.