Do you think the public understands the ramifications of the North Korea USA Situation

Recently, the United States and North Korea began large-scale military exercises and if you have been following news lately, you would be aware how fierce the situation is on both sides.

The military exercises by both the countries are in full swing. North Korea responded to the situation by threatening “Merciless retaliation” that puts things in a really tough spot right now.

Things are not in a soft spot on Trump’s side too. It can be deduced from Trump’s warning that North Korea is facing a future of “fire and fury”.

If we keep countries aside for a while and look at this situation on ground level, what do normal people think of it? Are they terrified, worried, concerned or just busy living their everyday life not caring about it enough?

In February this year, Gallup released its yearly list of American perceptions of 21 different countries. Not to anyone’s surprise, North Korea ranked last in the list as the least favorable country to the states. In a Fox news poll in May this year, 77 percent of registered voters voted North Korea as a bitter enemy while another 16 percent called it somewhat of an enemy. Later that month, another poll put the North Korea on the top list of threats to the US, ranking even higher than the ISIS.

People are more afraid of North Korea than a brutal terrorist group. As much as 8 out of 10 Americans want to put tight sanctions on North Korea’s Nuclear program. Another Fox poll revealed that 51 percent of the voters said that it would require military force to stop North Korea to stop the nuclear program.

People are worried about the situation. They are worried about their safety, their family’s safety and the devastation that war brings along with it. No one wants to be in a state of turmoil and with Trump on their side, they are not sure of things more than ever.

CNN recently held a Q&A with the normal public to know their perspective on this whole thing where a local citizen of Ohio, named Joey was worried about his family and asking for precautions to be taken in case of a war between the two countries.

Foreign Policy issues have always been a second topic on the list of priorities for the USA. And let’s be clear on one thing. There isn’t going to be a war. No one wants war. If the US decides to launch missiles on North Korea, it will affect South Korea too and the Korean ally for the US will be affected directly. Apart from South Korea, Japan will also be affected by the war. The US cannot handle that level of disaster. For North Korea, it could mean the end of the Kim Dynasty.

What will remain is this constant crisis between the two countries. North Korea’s obsession to power up the country to the likes of Russia and China and USA trying to impose bans on the country. UN, on the other hand, is trying to curb the situation in any way possible. Trump is trying hard along with China to pressurize North Korea to give up its weapons.

People, on the other hand, are terrified, worried and thinking about the future while there are many who are just living on with their life keeping this thing aside.