The Conspiracy of Pedophilia in Hollywood

Nowadays it seems like sexual assault cases in Hollywood are a dime a dozen. It feels almost as if social media is just playing the waiting game to see who gets accused next. Yet somehow, there’s something we don’t talk about. Social Media doesn’t report on it. Maybe it’s because it’s a lot less interesting, yet more serious, but sits right in front of our face. Maybe since nobody reacts to it, we in essence just allow it to continue. In fact, it’s considered “Hollywood’s other pen secret’”.

Amongst the news of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations, a second story began to surface about Hollywoods biggest problem, but almost nobody paid attention. Former child actor Corey Feldman recently was asked to give a statement on Weinstein and spoke made sure to voice his opinion on what he considers to be Hollywood’s worst problem: pedophilia. But even Feldman admits that pedophilia in Hollywood is a secret that everybody knows about. In multiple interviews, articles, statements, and vlogs, Feldman admits to being surrounded by industry pedophiles and states that he can not, to this day, be the one to bring these people to light.

There is an endless number of conspiracy theories in the entertainment industry, but the majority of these deal with the suspicious nature of the death of Hollywood stars. When it comes to sexual abuse cases in the entertainment industry, it’s difficult for victims to speak up. There are individuals with so much power in the industry that speaking up could mean the end of a career. Yet we often see these allegations made and then later withdrawn or dismissed after alleged witnesses refuse to speak on the claims.

Similar barriers exist in cases of sexual allegations from younger men in Hollywood. Actor Bryan Singer has been followed by pedophilia accusations for years but seems to always have these cases dismissed for lack of evidence or the claims withdrawn by the accusers. It seems that the shame associated with being a male victim of abuse may be fading, which could slowly bring this conspiracy to light. Terry Crews recently spoke out, stating that he was a victim of sexual assault at the hands of a powerful Hollywood executive. As well as James Van Der Beek.

In fact, the media is finally taking hold to the sexual abuse case of filmmaker Victor Salva, who plead guilty to five felony counts in trial after being accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old star. Salva has still been allowed to direct multiple Hollywood movies in wake of these guilty pleas though. You may not be one for conspiracy theories, but you’ve got to admit it’s a bit strange to keep somebody who sick around in Hollywood. With all of this proof that pedophilia is so popular and prevalent in Hollywood, what more will it take to bring this issue to light?

Cory Feldman seems as if he is ready to expose the Hollywood pedophilia conspiracy and as of 2017 he has begun a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a movie to bring guilty offenders to light. Feldman believes that by opening up and bringing the dark secret of the entertainment industry to light, we can begin to revolutionize the film industry to be safer for children and adults alike.