Cases Of Corrupt Judges Being Brought Down

In nearly every state in the United States, there have been judges disbarred and removed from the bench by the federal government when suspected of misconduct. In nearly every case, the amount of evidence against the judge is absolutely mind-boggling to believe that they were able to escape charges for as long as they did. Some notable cases are:

James Henson

Orlando, Florida judge who was removed from the bench in 2005. In 2000, he took a DUI Manslaughter (2 counts) client and then advised that client to flee the country to avoid facing prosecution.

Donald Thompson

This Oklahoma judge was sentenced to 4 years in prison for using a penis pump to masturbate while presiding over cases in the courtroom. It was actually shown during the trial that there were slits cut in his judicial robe so that he could access his penis clandestinely while on the bench. He was arrested again in 2011 for stalking an ex-girlfriend. At the time of that arrest, he was using binoculars to watch as a cop helped the ex-girlfriend change a flat tire. When he was approached by the cop, his penis was out.

Mark Ciavarella

The two Wilkes-Barre, PA judges were sentenced to a federal prison in a “kids for cash” kickback fraud case. By sentencing minors to juvenile detention for crimes such as mocking their principal on social media and shoplifting, the judges received millions of dollars in kickbacks.

Both judges were sentenced to federal prison for these fraud convictions, and the juveniles involved had their records expunged.

Anne Lokuta

Another Wilkes-Barre, PA judge who testified against Conahan and Ciavarella to get herself out of prison, Lokuta was using court workers to do her housework and was publicly humiliating members of the courthouse staff. She was removed from the bench but avoided further prosecution by telling what she knew of Conahan and Ciavarella.

Richard Palumbo

In a case that was featured on the Oprah show, this Maryland judge lifted a restraining order that a wife had against her husband, despite pleas from the wife and insurmountable evidence that the husband was, indeed, threatening and menacing the wife. 3 weeks later, the husband doused the wife in gasoline and lit her on fire.

Thomas Maloney

This Cook County, Illinois judge was convicted in federal court in 1993 in a corrupt judge sting, but he was the only judge of 18 convicted that was found to have tossed a murder conviction for bribe money. He issued a not guilty verdict in a case where a man beat another man to death with a metal pipe and was found to have been paid to do so. He also issued several not guilty verdicts for high profile gang members charged with crimes, and those cases were found to have verdicts bought and paid for.

Gerald Garson

This Brooklyn, NY former judge was found guilty in 2003 for taking bribes to issue not guilty verdicts in cases heard in his courtroom. He was taking bribes on everything from parking tickets to theft cases.

The Case of Mrs C Carrabyne : A Wrongful Dismissal Case

In Britain, Mrs C Carrabyne received over £ 110,000 for compensation in the case, which was concluded in 2016, due to discrimination against her disability.

Mrs C Carrabyne, who had problems with her hip and had depression problems, started to work as a part of a team of 15 people in July 2012 for DWP. After she started working, DWP (The Department for Work and Pensions) took a series of measures at work to improve her working conditions.

Mrs C Carrabyne had a total of 14 days off during the first 1 year trial period. This period, which was applied as 8 days for everyone else, was applied to Mrs C Carrabyne as 14 days, with an additional 6 days due to his disability.

Mrs C Carrabyne was absent from her duty for a period of 6 months in 2014 and 2015, due to the facts that she had operations on her hip, depression and gastric flu.

The first written warning was given her on 12 January 2015. Mrs C Carrabyne objected to this warning, however, her appeal was not accepted. The review period for this warning was up to 9 August 2015.

Mrs C Carrabyne’s health status report, published on 25 January 2016, stated that she had been treated for depression for a long time. It was also stated that this treatment was supported by drugs. In addition, this report also stated that she had hip pain that restricts her movements throughout the day.

Mrs C Carrabyne continued to work after this report. In addition, the last written notice was given to her on 28 July 2015. The review period of this written notice ended on January 25, 2016.

In January 2016, the report on Mrs C Carrabyne told the administration that her absenteeism had become permanent, her health was not improving, and that her condition was unfit to continue, leaving no preference to solve the situation. In this report, it was stated that a final written notice was given to her and that the evaluation process for the written notice was still continuing.

Although the board was convinced that her complaints were true, they dismissed her as long as it was impossible to proceed in her situation. Mrs C Carrabyne objected to this decision as well, but this appeal also was not accepted.

Mrs C Carrabyne carried the matter to the Employment Tribunal, thinking that she had been discriminated against because of her disability. Mrs C Carradyne, here, claimed that the disability-related arrangements were not made and there was wrongful dismissal.

The Employment Tribunal accepted Mrs Carrabyne’s allegations on the ground that she had been discriminated against (see section 15 Equality Act 2010), that she had not made reasonable arrangements (see section 20 Equality Act 2010) and that she had been unfairly dismissed.

The Employment Tribunal decided that DWP, a large organization with large resources, was potentially justifiable, but given the measures to be taken in this case, the most reasonable solution should not be dismissing her.

During investigations at the court, the DWP admitted that Mrs Carrabyne’s dismissal was undesirable and that this was something that arose from disability. The court considered that it was not appropriate to issue a dismiss decision for Mrs C Carrabyne, which meant discrimination. Here, it was effective in this court’s decision that the team she was working with was not affected by the situation.

Moreover, the Employment Court considered that the DWP had not made the necessary arrangements for Mrs C Carrabyne. What was expected from the company was the necessary adjustments to the absenteeism policy. The Court found that if such an arrangement had been made, it would have contributed to the dissolution of the matter.

As a decision, the court decided to pay a sum of over 110,000 Pounds in total, including loss of status, loss of hold and loss of future earnings and non-pecuniary damage. These kinds of cases show why it’s so important to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer to ensure that you don’t suffer from cases like this.

This decision, with the penalty given to the company giving the dismissal decision for Mrs C Carrabyne with physical problems, is a guide for other companies to see such practices as a last resort and to make the necessary arrangements for the personnel who need it.

The Conspiracy of Pedophilia in Hollywood

Nowadays it seems like sexual assault cases in Hollywood are a dime a dozen. It feels almost as if social media is just playing the waiting game to see who gets accused next. Yet somehow, there’s something we don’t talk about. Social Media doesn’t report on it. Maybe it’s because it’s a lot less interesting, yet more serious, but sits right in front of our face. Maybe since nobody reacts to it, we in essence just allow it to continue. In fact, it’s considered “Hollywood’s other pen secret’”.

Amongst the news of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations, a second story began to surface about Hollywoods biggest problem, but almost nobody paid attention. Former child actor Corey Feldman recently was asked to give a statement on Weinstein and spoke made sure to voice his opinion on what he considers to be Hollywood’s worst problem: pedophilia. But even Feldman admits that pedophilia in Hollywood is a secret that everybody knows about. In multiple interviews, articles, statements, and vlogs, Feldman admits to being surrounded by industry pedophiles and states that he can not, to this day, be the one to bring these people to light.

There is an endless number of conspiracy theories in the entertainment industry, but the majority of these deal with the suspicious nature of the death of Hollywood stars. When it comes to sexual abuse cases in the entertainment industry, it’s difficult for victims to speak up. There are individuals with so much power in the industry that speaking up could mean the end of a career. Yet we often see these allegations made and then later withdrawn or dismissed after alleged witnesses refuse to speak on the claims.

Similar barriers exist in cases of sexual allegations from younger men in Hollywood. Actor Bryan Singer has been followed by pedophilia accusations for years but seems to always have these cases dismissed for lack of evidence or the claims withdrawn by the accusers. It seems that the shame associated with being a male victim of abuse may be fading, which could slowly bring this conspiracy to light. Terry Crews recently spoke out, stating that he was a victim of sexual assault at the hands of a powerful Hollywood executive. As well as James Van Der Beek.

In fact, the media is finally taking hold to the sexual abuse case of filmmaker Victor Salva, who plead guilty to five felony counts in trial after being accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old star. Salva has still been allowed to direct multiple Hollywood movies in wake of these guilty pleas though. You may not be one for conspiracy theories, but you’ve got to admit it’s a bit strange to keep somebody who sick around in Hollywood. With all of this proof that pedophilia is so popular and prevalent in Hollywood, what more will it take to bring this issue to light?

Cory Feldman seems as if he is ready to expose the Hollywood pedophilia conspiracy and as of 2017 he has begun a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a movie to bring guilty offenders to light. Feldman believes that by opening up and bringing the dark secret of the entertainment industry to light, we can begin to revolutionize the film industry to be safer for children and adults alike.

Why Doesn’t the Media focus on the UK’s knife crimes as a talking point

A 16-year-old boy from Nottingham was stabbed in the chest and later succumbed to his injuries. His
death did not make it to any network’s news save for a knife reports summary on News 24. What could have caused the media to ignore the heinous attack? Was it because the boy was white and did not fit the normal image of knife crime? When black people are attacked, the media treats the case as a race attack giving
lots of coverage and attention to the case but when a white person gets attacked they do the opposite. Police reports in England show that race attacks are equal between whites and blacks while the coverage is heavy towards blacks.

Most News networks in the UK treat news items outside London as minor regional news while those that transpire in London as national news. Just because the networks are based in London does not mean that the rest of the people living in the countryside or other cities like Glasgow and Leicester think more about London than other places in the United Kingdom. The media should adopt a more nationalized approach to their news coverage of knife crimes outside London in order to be fair in their coverage. National news should focus on the whole country and not only London.

News items are sometimes based on the day to day activities of the journalists. Since most journalists live in London they think that matters that are of interest to themselves interest the rest of the United
Kingdom which is wrong. For instance, a knife crime in London will likely get on the News since it would occur on streets and blocks that the journalists are familiar with and hence prompt them to cover the items. An example of this is when the local News covers the use of trains in London even though it’s irrelevant to the rest of the country whose majority use private transport.

Sometimes the law restricts the media from covering some murders. For instance, in the murder of Kris Donald, the court put severe restrictions on media coverage before the verdict was given. This definitely
affects the amount of coverage such crimes receive. The same news stations covered the murders well after the court restrictions were lifted. They even provided statistics and evaluated all the racist attacks.

The editors often have the last word on what stories that get to make the news and those that don’t. Their decisions are normally very difficult but should be impartial. Should they approve wrong topics for News,
it may create racial tensions especially if attacks on minorities go unreported. This maybe explains why attacks on black men have more coverage than similar attacks on whites or Asians. It sorts of creates a balance and calms disquiet in public opinions. If the editors were to approve every knife crime then this would maybe result in an imbalance in reporting. To understand this one should maybe ask themselves if a particular crime happened to a person at a given place, would it make the News? Such are the decisions that editors have to make daily.

British Law post Brexit and the changes stemming from it today

What is the role of Brexit in a passport?

As far as how the Brexit influences your status as a British resident in Canada or the United States, despite everything you have the very same rights as you did on June 22nd, 2016.

There is no compelling reason to re-establish or supplant your present travel permit as no directions have changed. Starting today, regardless you don’t require a visa to visit, work or live in Schengen region nations either.

In any case, arrangements of leaving the UK have started.

• Will the EU repudiate the privilege of British nationals to work and live in the EU?
• Will EU part nations individually disavow the rights conceded by British residents?
• Will EU part nations discover the privilege to open social insurance at present appreciated by UK nationals in EU part nations amid the present arrangements?

In this way, on the off chance that you do not right now live in the European Union, you do not have anything to stress over for the occasion. On the off chance that you do live in the EU, or had plans to move there, it might influence your choice, yet we do not know how yet.

Is passport change if the UK leaves the EU union? Regardless of the fact that the is continuous transactions are concerning the UK leaving the European Union, numerous saw the 2016 choice as a submission on movement.

Due to the UK’s one of a kind position of as yet having British subjects far and wide, any progressions to UK’s nationality law could have broad outcomes, for example people who wish for British Passport Renewal in countries like Hong kong or India where there used to be British Colonies.

In the event and when that happens, we will have every one of the subtle elements. English travel permits the applications produced using Canada have been sending to Durham, the UK for handling since August 12, 2013.

Already, all applications from North America sent to the British High Commission situated in Washington, D.C., and before that, they sent to the British High Commission in Ottawa for handling.

Free travel for British citizens: Visa necessities for British residents are regulatory passage limitations by the specialists of different states put on subjects of the United Kingdom.

Starting at 13 February 2018, British residents had without visa or visa on landing access to 177 nations and domains, positioning the British identification fourth as far as movement flexibility (tied with Austrian, Dutch, Luxembourgish, Norwegian and Portuguese travel permits) as per the Henley Passport Index. Visa necessities for British nationals were lifted by some European countries following World War II.

Being a thinker as it may, it appears like the shade of their visas, not with standing for explorers. At this time, is all among of the concerning things for Britons, who have voyage uninhibitedly and profited in different courses from being an individual from the European Union, up until now.

At this time, voyagers from the United Kingdom have the privilege to visit 173 nations of the world sans visa as indicated by the Henley Passports Index, including the greater part of the nations of Europe, Post BREXIT, things may change.


Did Charles Manson have a legitimate case?

Charles Manson, the notorious and ruthless cult leader of the Manson family that orchestrated the killing of Hollywood star Sharon Tate and several others, the world’s famous boogeyman is dead. Many refer to this diabolical man as a serial killer, however, that was not the correct tag for a man such as this. That just does not accurately describe this man’s heinous and atrocious crimes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation describes a serial murder as being the act of one, or more, offender(s) killing more than two people in separate events, accompanied by an emotional cool off period between the killings. This cool off period is what largely defines serial killings according to the FBI’s Behavioral Unit and is what really defines a serial killer.

The Charles Manson misconceptions began decades ago and are still alive and kicking in today’s world. He was not a serial killer. However, the question is, if he wasn’t a serial killer, what was he? Before we answer this, we will have to contend that what the Manson family murders actually constituted were a killing spree. This notion is strengthened by the Bureau of Justice whereby they went on to define a killing spree as being killings at more than two locations without a break in time between those murders. The FBI states a killing spree as more than two murders committed without the period in between to cool off.

Using this information herein provided above we can see that the Manson family killings were more of a killing spree rather than a serial killing due to the fact of the lack of a cool off period in between the killings. The Manson family murders happened in a span of two consecutive nights with each night having a separate incident. Despite the fact that Charles Manson never actually murdered any of the seven victims himself, he was still convicted of 1st degree murder on all seven counts for the role he played in the murders. The fact that he ordered his followers to kill constituted what is known as a proxy murder or murder by proxy. This is meant that the murderer in this scenario was merely a proxy and was acting in the behest of another.

With all this in mind it’s hard to say that Charles Manson had any legitimate case whatsoever due to the fact that the family essentially killed on his behalf and upon his bidding. Removing him from the equation would mean that those killings would probably never have happened. They did because he willed them to. The court’s school of thought was right when they claimed that the Manson family was basically an extension of Charles Manson himself. Anything they did was basically like him doing it himself, murder was no exception. So when asked whether this ruthless, manipulative and deranged cult leader had any legitimate case before he died, it would be terribly hard to answer yes and even harder to prove and argue those yes answers. However, this is merely our view on the subject. What say you?

Do you think the public understands the ramifications of the North Korea USA Situation

Recently, the United States and North Korea began large-scale military exercises and if you have been following news lately, you would be aware how fierce the situation is on both sides.

The military exercises by both the countries are in full swing. North Korea responded to the situation by threatening “Merciless retaliation” that puts things in a really tough spot right now.

Things are not in a soft spot on Trump’s side too. It can be deduced from Trump’s warning that North Korea is facing a future of “fire and fury”.

If we keep countries aside for a while and look at this situation on ground level, what do normal people think of it? Are they terrified, worried, concerned or just busy living their everyday life not caring about it enough?

In February this year, Gallup released its yearly list of American perceptions of 21 different countries. Not to anyone’s surprise, North Korea ranked last in the list as the least favorable country to the states. In a Fox news poll in May this year, 77 percent of registered voters voted North Korea as a bitter enemy while another 16 percent called it somewhat of an enemy. Later that month, another poll put the North Korea on the top list of threats to the US, ranking even higher than the ISIS.

People are more afraid of North Korea than a brutal terrorist group. As much as 8 out of 10 Americans want to put tight sanctions on North Korea’s Nuclear program. Another Fox poll revealed that 51 percent of the voters said that it would require military force to stop North Korea to stop the nuclear program.

People are worried about the situation. They are worried about their safety, their family’s safety and the devastation that war brings along with it. No one wants to be in a state of turmoil and with Trump on their side, they are not sure of things more than ever.

CNN recently held a Q&A with the normal public to know their perspective on this whole thing where a local citizen of Ohio, named Joey was worried about his family and asking for precautions to be taken in case of a war between the two countries.

Foreign Policy issues have always been a second topic on the list of priorities for the USA. And let’s be clear on one thing. There isn’t going to be a war. No one wants war. If the US decides to launch missiles on North Korea, it will affect South Korea too and the Korean ally for the US will be affected directly. Apart from South Korea, Japan will also be affected by the war. The US cannot handle that level of disaster. For North Korea, it could mean the end of the Kim Dynasty.

What will remain is this constant crisis between the two countries. North Korea’s obsession to power up the country to the likes of Russia and China and USA trying to impose bans on the country. UN, on the other hand, is trying to curb the situation in any way possible. Trump is trying hard along with China to pressurize North Korea to give up its weapons.

People, on the other hand, are terrified, worried and thinking about the future while there are many who are just living on with their life keeping this thing aside.

The impact of Brexit On Property Market

Parliament has decided, the Bill has passed through Parliament and the only remaining issue is the Assent of the article finally leaving of the United Kingdom from the European Union which is known as Brexit. The elephant in the room has now firmly stepped into the forefront, and it is important to take a look at how this will impact on individuals, businesses, and property owners in the South London part of the greater conurbation.

A time of uncertainty is bound to follow, to some extent this has already taken root, and it is likely to gain traction as the negotiations continue aided and abetted by the media. Now that Article 50 has been invoked the (political) games will begin in earnest.

House prices rose faster in recent months with high-end property in the vanguard as London property values made considerable gains. For individuals, and investors alike, it would appear that property values will continue to rise, to what degree is open for conjecture. While the pros and cons of our withdrawal are negotiated there may be a slowdown regarding overall growth, and already we have seen the pound devalued, yes it was pre-planned anyway, and collectively the burden on family budgets is likely to be considerable.

It is anticipated that the Capital’s Housing Market will be hit hardest by any adverse impact from Brexit, much will depend on the likely outcome of negotiations about the Financial Sector which currently, and historically, does much to reinforce the demand for high-value property in the City.

While it is true that existing property owners in the City will be able to maximise their return by selling, they will then have to buy new property at no small cost. The general inflationary spiral also makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for new buyers to get on the property ladder. Increased house prices have propped up consumer activity, and consumption is the backbone of the National economy, at a time when wage rises have been more moderate. It is also a fact worthy of note that a substantial amount of property purchases are an investment based on the rental market, further limiting the availability of affordable housing for purchase.

South London will continue to see large scale property rises, bricks and mortar are solid investments in times of uncertainty. While Brexit negotiations rumble on over the next two years, we can confidently expect to see the high-value property being an attraction to movers and shakers domestically and internationally as the City of London takes its place on the International scene.

A major change that could be noticeable for the consumer will be ‘Roaming’ charges. From June 2017, roaming charges within the European Union will be abolished completely.

In the long-term, Brexit is likely to mean a divergence in regulation between the UK and the EU. Parliament will be completely free to legislate regulation (or de-regulation) of the national telecommunications markets as it sees fit. It is also worth noting that it will obviously no longer be required to notify the European Commission of any new draft proposals for the regulation of the UK telecoms markets. This can affect a wide variety of areas, from wireless solutions to mobile phone providers.

3 Criminal/Legal Cases That Were Completely Botched

There is no doubt that evidence may be hard to find in many criminal cases. A number of criminal cases are as complicated as they come. However, the police sometimes carelessly handle such cases which leads to the prosecution of the wrong people as well as shelving it under unresolved cases. Even with new technology in forensics and techy gadgets provided to detectives and investigators, common errors and problems may effectively and altogether change the verdict of a case. These are 3 criminal and legal cases that were carelessly handled.

1. Tom Horne, Botched Lethal Injection, 1989

Tom was officially pronounced dead by the Arizona Attorney General at 3:49pm on Wednesday. This was through the lethal injection which should ideally take less than 10 minutes in cases where the accused is sentenced to death through execution. Tom Horne was convicted of killing Debbie Dietz and Gene Dietz, who was his 29-year old estranged girlfriend and her father respectively in Tucson Arizona. The homicide took place in a local repair shop within Arizona.

The execution however did not take 10 minutes as it was expected. Reports say that it took over 2 hours for the convict to die, during which Tom was “gasping and snorting for more than an hour”. Dale Baich, who was Tom’s defence attorney, tried to appeal while the execution was taking place, but the judge did not issue an order to stop.

2. Michael Health, Botched Post-mortem Pathologist

Several murder cases including the conviction of Michael Stone is now under review due to concerns about the evidence provided by Michael Health, who was a home office pathologist. Health was the man responsible for providing evidence against Michael Stone and many others, who were convicted of homicide, some who are serving even life imprisonment. When the CCRC (Criminal Cases Review Commission) had a disciplinary panel for bungling examinations conducted about post mortems in August, there were shocking results. They found that the pathologist had made stark errors which were vital in the case of Stone. This led to the conviction of Stone and several others. Four other cases including that Of Michael Stone, who is serving life imprisonment, are being considered for referral to the Court of Appeal.

In many of the cases, the CRCC claims that the pathologist was always ‘marginal’ to the conviction. The commission now says that it is ready to review any cases where individuals may feel like they were wrongfully convicted and found guilty because of Michael Health’s evidence.

3. Benjamin Wey, Alleged Money Laundering, 2012

It is no news to hear big corporations undergoing huge losses over a period of time due to money laundering. In some cases, they involve companies that are in an organised pyramid scheme or a global scam. This was the case with this New York financier who had a carefully calculated stock manipulation scheme that ran through a long period of time. It is reported that tens of millions of dollars were reportedly stolen in early 2012.

The police were found to be in trouble after they did not have a detailed search warrant that specified the crimes that he was allegedly accused of. Moreover, they FBI agents who conducted the search were indiscriminate in acquiring evidence by taking randomly selected items such as X-Rays of family members, prescription drugs and his children test scores. The evidence therefore could not stand in court and couldn’t be used against Wey in his trial.

Benjamin Wey, who was the founder of the New York Global group, made a huge fortune by conduction reverse merges through the acquisition of shell companies. The forceful and aggressive acquisition of evidence has had the case dismissed.

Significant Legal Trials Where A Judge or Jury Made a critical error

Many decisions regarding all types of civil cases by state or federal trial court gets reviewed by an appeal court. This includes all type of appeals irrespective given by single judge’s order or a final judgement given by jury. The appeal court reviews the proceedings to find out for any error of laws made by state or federal trial court.

In case appeal court finds any error in judgement by trial’s court decision then it has the right to reverse that decision

However, there is a difference between trial and an appeal. The trial court has a single judge, whereas an appeal gets heard by several judges at the same time.

That party who loses in state appeal court, may appeal to the supreme court of the state.

In the era of transparency, it makes little sense that verdict gets delivered by people whose reasoning towards judgement is not very clear

Case 1: Trial of Simon Gittany

A high-profile defendant was accused for murder charge. He was declared guilty by the trial court judge Lucy McCallum of New South Wales, for his fiancée murder. This judgement was given by a single judge. Later it was challenged in appeal court by the defendant and the judgement by single judge got dismissed

Case 2: United States V.Jones (2012 case):

This case of US supreme court, which held that installation of GPS(Global Positioning System), a device for tracking a vehicle and monitoring its movement comes under the purview of “Fourth Amendment” of US

Jones, the defendant was suspected of drug trafficking in 2004.Investigating police, without a valid warrant, installed a GPS tracking device to the under surface of defendant’s vehicle. And this exceeded the warrant scope in both geography and time length.

The judges of supreme court unanimously voted that, this was a ‘search’ which came under fourth Amendment. Majority of people from police department were held for installing a GPS device under the car of the defendant. Court order pronounced that police has committed a ‘trespass’ against the defendant’s ‘personal effects’. This was an attempt to take some personal information of the defendant

On 23rd January,2012, the Supreme court held that installation of tracking device on defendant`s vehicle for monitoring the movement constitutes a �search’ under the `Fourth Amendment law’. This was wrongly interpreted by some of the news agencies in USA

Unanimously all nine judges considered the action of the police as unconstitutional. However at last they reached the same result . Lastly judges were of three different opinion with respect to the breath of their judgement.

In this case, the Court decided that whereas the Government’s installation of device onto the Jones car was a trespass purposely to obtain some information it comes under the search of `Fourth Amendment.’

The Supreme Court declined for examining and said if any exception is there that would render the search “reasonable”, as the Government failed to present alternate theory in the lower courts.


There are many instances where the judgements given by a single judge or lower court was declared invalid due to one or more reasons, so it is essential that judgement should be given by team of judges. It is imperative now that single bench judge should be reviewed and appropriate changes should get implemented.